Uber and Mahindra Collaborate to Develop EVs in India

Ellie Kennedy November 24, 2017
Uber and Mahindra Collaborate to Develop EVs in India

American transport provider Uber Technologies Inc. and Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. announced on Friday that they will be working together to develop electric vehicles (EVs) in India.

Mahindra’s managing director Pawan Goenka stated that their collaboration with Uber is a significant next step towards a wide-scaled execution of EVs on share mobility platforms, and to achieve the nation’s vision for this type of vehicle.

Among India’s auto companies, the Mumbai-based car manufacturer has so far been the most eager in the shift towards EVs, given its other collaborations with other businesses and its bid in the first part of a government agreement to provide 10,000 electric sedans.

Uber’s chief business officer for India and emerging market Madhu Kannan said that they see a vital role for high efficiency vehicle technologies and therefore, they believed that this partnership will really be helpful not only for them, but for their driver partners, riders and the cities they operate in.

Uber and Mahindra Push for EVs in India


Under the new partnership, India’s third-largest carmaker will be supplying the ride-hailing group hundreds of EVs, as part of its effort to shift towards battery-operated automobiles.

Uber will then be deploying these vehicles in Delhi and Hyderabad by March 2018. It might also consider carrying out the pilot project in other cities.

EVs available on the company’s platforms will include the e2oPlus and the eVerito sedan.

Moreover, as part of the agreement, driver partners of the Uber app can avail Mahindra’s EVs at a lower price, along with attractive financing and insurance premiums.

They can also get maintenance packages from the auto group and its associates.

Uber and Mahindra will be working with public and private businesses involved in developing a common-use charging ecosystem across several cities in India.

They will be educating and training drivers on different aspects of EVs as well.

Kannan said that they cannot really tell how long the plan will go on and that they will need to have enough progress in engagement with their stakeholders before they can think about expanding to other cities. He added that the company so far has no particular rollout goals for EVs in the country.

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