Samsung To Delay Bixby Launch

Ann Chen April 13, 2017
Samsung To Delay Bixby Launch

Samsung which unveiled their upcoming flagship phone Samsung Galaxy 8 last week has recently announced their own version of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri which the company called Bixby.

The voice-controlled virtual assistant Bixby which Samsung introduced as one of the major features and highlights of the feature-heavy Galaxy S8 devices will not be fully operational until the company ships out the first batch of the new phones globally later this month.

According to Samsung, Bixby will only be made available to customers in the United States this coming spring is expected to be added to the devices through a software update.

In the statement, Bixby’s key features included Vision, and Reminder which will be automatically available following the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 this coming April 21.

Meanwhile, other reports show that the delay of Bixby in devices to be delivered outside South Korea was caused by lag in the English voice recognition performance due to its Korean version while other sources state that Samsung executive officers are still debating if Bixby would be made available in English.

Bixby which was introduced by Samsung last month during the Galaxy S8 reveal showed that the voice assistant can handle complex requests such as photo recognition, geographical location pinpointing and adaption to the user’s routine and assist with information and tasks from different apps.

Samsung Back In The Smartphone Game

Samsung which suffered last year due to the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding and catching fire resulting in a recall of millions of units sold is now recovering from the scandal and is now believed by the markets to be back this year with their sales rising during the first quarter of the year more than any other devices.

On top of the company’s troubles with the Galaxy Note 7 units, top competitor Apple also released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus just in time for the holiday season and pushed Samsung further down, Samsung then released a series of Galaxy J devices sold worldwide that comes from full to lower end features in all price points that appealed to all kinds of customers. This boosted Samsung’s smartphone sales and even production by the first quarter of the year enough to help it recover from the scandal.

Samsung’s market share rose by 26.1% worldwide this year while Apple ranked in second with a 16.9% market share during the first quarter. Chinese company Huawei and Oppo followed in closely with 11.4% and 8.1% market share respectively.

Samsung Shares

Samsung shares rallied sharply following the launch of the S8 devices by as much as 1.6% during the first hour of trading and has touched $1,881 or 1 million won. Aside from the S8 launch, the rise in the company’s earnings with their Electronics chip division also helped the tech company’s first quarter profits touch a three and a half year high. Analysts are now expecting the company to generate a profit of 11.9 trillion won for the second quarter mostly driven by Galaxy S8 sales.

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