Samsung Reveals Self-Driving Car Parts, Infotainment Platform

Samuel Harris January 09, 2018
Samsung Reveals Self-Driving Car Parts, Infotainment Platform

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. revealed its first set of components for autonomous driving and infotainment solutions developed by Harman International, which it bought about a year ago in a major push in the auto electronics market.

At an annual trade show in Las Vegas this week, Samsung revealed an automotive camera system featuring collision warning, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, developed in collaboration with Harman.

Samsung bought Harman in an $8 billion deal that closed in March 2017, the biggest overseas acquisition ever by a South Korean company.

Samsung plans to begin shipping the camera system, which is built on machine learning and augmented reality, this year. It did not give details on the exact timing.

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology market, with carmakers looking to add more autonomous features as the race to put self-driving cars on the road heats up.

Samsung also showcased a "digital cockpit" that allows drivers to personalize cars, even if they do not own them as it pulls users' profile from their mobile devices and cloud.

Harman and Samsung laid out their plan to deliver 5G technology for cars, adding Harman had secured a "leading European automaker" as a client.

Samsung in September had announced that it set up a strategic business unit for autonomous and advanced driver assistance services, together with a $300 million fund to invest in automotive startups and technology.

Samsung Launches “The Wall”

Samsung has announced a giant TV called “The Wall” at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

The TV features a micro-LED display, which is pitched as a superior alternative to OLED because it offers both deep blacks and bright highlights.

Samsung also says its modular technology will allow for TVs of customized sizes to be ordered.

This is because the display is actually composed of many smaller modules that can be arranged to form unusual dimensions - one example that was squat and super-wide was briefly shown at the presentation.

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