NVIDIA’s Self Driving Technology To Be Used By A Chinese Carmaker

Ben Walker January 17, 2018
NVIDIA’s Self Driving Technology To Be Used By A Chinese Carmaker

NVIDIA Corp. said on Tuesday China’s Chery Automobile Co. would use its self-driving technology that it has developed with Baidu and ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Chery will be the first Chinese carmaker to adopt the new system, Nvidia said. Nvidia, traditionally a maker of graphics chips for PCs, has been expanding its reach to newer technologies such as self-driving cars.

Chinese automaker Chery will be making cars with Level 3 autonomous features powered by supplier ZF’s ProAI platform, which itself uses Nvidia GPUs for its driving intelligence. The partnership was announced at the North American International Auto Show today in Detroit, and follows announcements from CES where Nvidia announced further collaboration with ZF and with Baidu. Baidu is also a key contributor to ZF’s ProAI.

“This collaboration will democratize autonomous driving functions in one of the most important automotive markets of the world and bring autonomous driving for everyone,” said Konstantin Sauer, CEO of ZF.

For over two decades, Chery has been making vehicles for the Chinese market, as well as for more than 80 countries globally. The company has earned a reputation for bringing advanced technologies to its highly affordable, entry-level models.

At CES 2018 last week, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang highlighted our partnership with Baidu and ZF to move autonomous vehicles from development into production. Together, the companies are pioneering advances in deep learning and AI to create the first AI autonomous vehicle computing platform for China.

Chinese internet search firm Baidu and German auto supplier ZF had selected Nvidia Drive for their autonomous vehicle computing platform development in China, Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang said last week.

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