Netflix Cancels Third Show For The Month

Ryan Thompson June 30, 2017
Netflix Cancels Third Show For The Month

American streaming service giant Netflix has reportedly announced that it has canceled Girlboss just after one season. The show becomes the third which has been canceled by Netflix this month and fifth for the year. Netflix has recently canceled popular and highly reviewed shows such as Marco Polo, Bloodline, The Get Down, and Sense8.

The following shows were known to have been given by the company budgets of around $100 million or more and have been known to have received great and promising reviews.

However, according to analysts, the canceled shows were not able to successfully garner an international audience that would sustain Netflix’s seemingly huge production budgets. Shows such as the Marco Polo, Bloodline, and Sense8 were produced for a number of seasons before being canceled while The Get Down and Girlboss has been canceled just after one season.

Girlboss can also be excluded from the shows which have been given huge production budgets due to the show not needing expensive set pieces, special effects, or basically a bigger production.

Netflix is known to have been spending around $6 billion alone for the production of original content to be streamed on its platform exclusively. Currently, the company streams 455 shows worldwide with some being exclusive region originals. It is expected to rise by 500 before the end of the year.

Although, the company has not directly stated to why they have canceled the said shows, some have concluded that the company is now cutting shows based on the number of viewers which basically means that they are now keeping shows which make more money over the other.

Actors have also freely spoken that the most probable reason to why the Netflix shows have been canceled is due to them having the least number of viewers.

Chief content officer for Netflix Ted Sarandos indirectly commented regarding the back to back cancellations. “A big expensive show for a huge audience is great. A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard to even in our model to make that work very long,” he stated.

This confirmed most investor and market speculation that the company might have finally upped its cancellation rate that will let the majority of the viewers decide which shows the company will be keeping.

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Ryan Thompson


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