Microsoft Xbox One X is Price Worthy

Macey Dawson June 12, 2017
Microsoft Xbox One X is Price Worthy

On Sunday, Microsoft has finally unveiled the most impressive console ever made. The formerly called Project Scorpio is now known as the Xbox One X, which is recognized as Microsoft’s smallest gaming machine with regard to size – yet, it should not be something that must be underestimated. It is packed with a powerful hardware, more graphical power and speed. The product will be launched worldwide on November 7, 2017 at $499.

Xbox One X’s Predecessors

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said in a statement before the most-awaited annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that the new Xbox is way better and powerful than its predecessors with 1 TB of storage. It may be the smallest gaming machine today. It was also revealed by Microsoft that there would not be any games that will be made exclusively for the new Xbox One X. The product will also be compatible with games that were developed for the previous Xbox models (such as the Xbox One and the Xbox 360). Users are guaranteed that the games will play even faster and the graphics will look even better.

Xbox One X’s Price Considerations

As the word premium is being glued to the name of Xbox One X, there are a number of Xbox fans asking questions in regard to the cost of the product. Experts are commenting that if the console was priced too much, Microsoft would get itself in trouble due to faulty pricing.

Xbox One X will sell at the following prices on the 7th of November: $499, $599 CAD, €499 and $649 AUD.

Xbox One X’s Appearance and Features

It might be less catchy in appearance comparing it with the Xbox Scorpio, but the new Xbox outperforms its ancestors. It also has the same technology like that of first-rate PC gaming cards (i.e. GTX 1080).

Externally, there have not been a number of changes on the new Xbox; it just got smaller. Comparing it with its competitors, when it comes to graphical power, the PS4 Pro only has 4.2 teraflops whereas the Xbox One X has 6 teraflops; about the custom engine, Xbox One X has 1172 MHz, while the PS4 Pro only has 911 MHz.

More PC-focused Upgrade Cycle

Microsoft is hoping that consumers will look past the price and dig deeper on the new Xbox One X jam-packed features. Indeed, it is fully loaded with distinct and special features that consumers will appreciate. Microsoft does not regard it as the next generation model, but rather a product that can surpass generations after generations because of its powerful system.

Today, Microsoft’s stocks traded at $70.32, lower than last Friday’s $71.95 stock price.

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