Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S

Kean Wallace May 04, 2017
Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S

Microsoft has recently launched a new Windows version which they called the Windows 10 S in their attempt to compete with Google’s rising presence in the education market.

The new Windows variant which was originally rumored to be called as the Windows 10 Cloud can only run applications from the Windows Store and uses Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Program framework and traditional Win32 applications coming from the store through the Desktop Bridge.

The recently released Creators Update showed that Windows have restricted applications that can be installed from the Store only although the Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise have be utilized and customized by the users freely giving them the ability to allow non-store applications.

According to Microsoft, the application lockdown will allow the system to perform more consistently, have better battery life, and security system.

Microsoft partners will be offering computers that run on the Windows 10 S later this year at a starting price of $189. The operating system will also be made available on both first party and third party hardware aside from Microsoft’s own Windows 10S device that will be sold by manufacturers personally.

The new operating system reportedly have addressed any previous issues that traditional Win32 apps have showed. The company also aims to stop applications from hooking into the booth and updating all by themselves that results into a slower startup. The Windows store will reportedly start to take care of these issues and will offer users a faster sign in period.

Microsoft Windows and Devices Group executive vice president Terry Myerson recently showed how users of the system will be blocked from installing applications from the internet and that how much of their applications includes boot process and how schools can utilize the system through the capability to manage hundreds of devices at the same time.

The Windows 10 S also uses the Microsoft ecosystem that locks the user into using Edge as their browser and Bing as the default search engine that will prevent the user from installing applications.

The Windows 10 is also cloud manageable through the company’s Intune, Intune for Education and other modern management systems. The new system will compete directly with Google’s Chrome OS and Apple’s venture in offering iPad to schools. Windows will be offering the Windows 10 S to schools running older Windows Pro editions for free but with an agreement to limit applications only coming from the Windows Store.

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