Microsoft To Simplify IoT Central

Kevin Gwon April 24, 2017
Microsoft To Simplify IoT Central

Microsoft has recently announced their intention to make Internet of things(IoT) Central much more simpler and accessible for their customers and partners which the company intends to introduce as a new software for a service solution.

IoT Central is known for reducing issues and the complex processes of IoT solutions without the need to acquire expertise in cloud solutions. This would also remove the need to connect devices in a cloud system.

The company which would be launching the Microsoft IoT Central that would be offered as a new-software-as-a-service(Saas) offering, is designed to offer businesses a much more simpler way to build IoT scenarios.

"This new IoT SaaS offering has the potential to dramatically increase the speed at which manufacturers can innovate and bring new products to market, as well as lower the barriers to creating IoT solutions that generate new revenue opportunities and better experiences for customers," Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft would be offering the IoT Central along with their existing service platform solutions Azure IoT suite for partners which was launched by the company two years ago. Azure IoT suite offers a wide variety of customization options with customer data collection, monitoring, reporting, and analysis. According to Microsoft, the IoT Central would be offered to customers in a few months time.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Australia is working on its IoT program through the formation of an Internet of Things partner group with other nine Australian partners including Readify, BizData, RAMP, MOQDigital, Oakton, Mexia, Empire, Ignia, and CDM. The following were chosen for understanding the depth of the transformation of IoT and their solutions that were already developed for customers.

Customers can now either utilize both the Azure IoT Suite or choose among the array of IoT services available in the Azure system. Onboarding devices can also used through the IoT Central easily for cloud management through a consolidated billing and streamlined user experience.

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