Microsoft To Benefit From WannaCry Attacks

Margaret Brown May 18, 2017
Microsoft To Benefit From WannaCry Attacks

The WannaCry virus which has recently hit personal and corporate computers from all over the globe at over one hundred countries has shook the cyber world over the past few days.

The ransomware hacks through the user’s files and would hold them in exchange for a certain amount of money usually around $300. Once the virus hits a single computer, the virus spreads into all the machines to which a computer is connected to a network. WannaCry then would encrypt important information in the machines and would exchange the stolen or held back data in exchange for $300.

Experts then advised people to keep their important files and information in multiple copies in different places such as memory sticks or flash drives so that the owners and users would not need to pay to be able to retrieve their information or files back.

By Monday, the White House have announced that around $70,000 had been already collected by the people behind the malware in order to retrieve their files.

Popular companies and organizations which has been affected by the attack includes Deutsche Banmk from Germany, Telefonica from Spain, and US logistics company FedEx. Russia’s interior ministry has also been reportedly affected by the WannaCry virus.

Microsoft then announced that the malware attack which has victimized hundreds of thousands of computers should be a warning to users to upgrade to the company’s latest operating system since the malware that affected more than 200,000 users was due to the lack of security features brought by older Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Although the security flaw in older Windows operating systems was not that big of a deal, Microsoft users will not opt to take risks and is set to upgrade to the latest system versions rather than finding themselves in tight situations such as the WannaCry malware.

Analysts have also noted the fact and has believed that the recent attacks would increase the rate of Microsoft upgrades in the coming months and would drive the company’s stock up as it just recently released a new operating system. Aside from upgrades, banks also expected an increase in the number of original Office 360 subscriptions and upgrade to the Windows 10.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has spoken regarding the attacks stating that the government should avoid keeping security holes unattended which the company has observed when WikiLeaks revealed stolen documents from the CIA. Microsoft also commented that the government should consider the recent attacks as a sign to reconsider the potential damage to the public.

The company also called to their customers saying that while the company is set to offer their customers security features through their operating systems, the responsibility is also set to be a shared responsibility with the user where updates to the system should be attended to by the user.

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