LG Reveals LG V30, Features and Specs

Andre Parker August 31, 2017
LG Reveals LG V30, Features and Specs

LG Electronics launched its new flagship phone named LG V30 on Thursday, packing the gadget with advanced cameras, voiced activation, and other features and changes aimed at pulling back users it lost to rivals.

The new phone offers a 6-inch screen that carries dramatically reduced bezels. Compared to the G6, which was introduced 6 months ago, V30 is shorter and narrower, making it easier to grasp. LG also claims that V30 is the lightest 6-inch-or-bigger-screened smartphone.

Gadget reviewers offer generally positive reviews for its design. Mentioning its rounded edges, curved Gorilla Glass 5 covered panes, and glossy metal frame, a reviewer said that “it’s pleasant in hand, and almost shockingly light and a pleasure to look at.”

The second screen, which was found in V30’s predecessors, V10 and V20, has been gotten rid of. LG calls the overall display design “FullVision,” although a review said that it “definitely looks way more like an Infinity Display.”

V30’s body is water and dust resistant, and is rated at IP68. A headphone jack can be found on the top-right corner, while it scores 64 GB (or, for its limited-offer phones, 128 GB) internal storage. The phone also takes microSD card as large as 2 TB to add more space to its internal storage.

The back of the phone is also made of Gorilla Glass 5. There’s also a fingerprint sensor, which one review described as “mercifully in the right place where your index finger naturally rests.” Unlike V20, the back of V30 is not removable. This means that people cannot fish the 3300 mAh battery inside, and this might be a disappointment to users who tend to swap batteries whenever they run out of power and cannot plug in. On the other hand, V30 supports wireless charging, which V20 didn’t offer.

The dual lens camera on the back of V30 follows the same approach that is directed by the current trend. One lens contains a regular focal length, while the other is a super-wide lens. The primary camera is at 16 megapixels, with an aperture of f/1.6, which theoretically means that it will produce better nighttime shots by capturing light more easily, although certain reviews claimed that the difference was not very obvious. The other camera, which is 13 megapixels, has a 120-degree angle of view, and is said to reduce distortions stemming from the aforementioned angle.

As for V30’s video recording features, it retained V20’s capabilities. However, LG added special features called Cine Effects, which hand users a batch of "16 color-grading presets” that can be applied before recording a video. Applying these presets is claimed to be helpful for capturing the light and atmosphere in a scene. The Point Zoom feature, which allows users to zoom in and out anywhere on the screen, is also applauded by reviews.

Other settings and options are also retained, such as tweaking the shutter speed, exposure, and ISO, but LG also blessed the phone with options for changing the frame rate and bitrate.

The built-in HiFi Quad DAC, which offers better audio quality, is also positively remarked. According to one review, songs “sounded a little brighter and more spacious than before,” and there are also handy presets that allow users to take time in adjusting the audio settings.

V30 runs Android Nougat and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip partnered with 4 GB of RAM. It also uses some tricks for its enhanced security features, along with the fingerprint, knock-knock, and PIN. V30 utilizes face unlock and voice unlock features. Voice unlock allows users to custom any phrase to access their phones. The phone is also equipped with Google Assistant and Voice Recognition features that support voice commands.

Reviewers generally agree that LG V30 is the best smartphone that came from LG, with things that other phones cannot yet do.

“LG pulled out all the stops with the V30 when it comes to specifications and features,” said CCS Insight’s Ben Wood, who is a phone industry analyst.

“Ultimately it will depend on how much it is prepared to spend on marketing to take the fight to Samsung and educate consumers about how the V30 is different from rival Android ‘super phones,’” Wood reportedly said.

In 2016, originally standing within the top 5, LG fell to rank 8 in the list of top smartphone suppliers due to the tight competition among vendors, including Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

LG V30 will hit stores in South Korea starting on September 21, and is planned to be followed by markets in North America, Asia, and Europe, among others.

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