Intel Hires Raja Koduri as its New Head of Graphics

Ellie Kennedy November 09, 2017
Intel Hires Raja Koduri as its New Head of Graphics

Multinational chipmaker Intel Corp has appointed Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s (AMD) former graphics boss Raja Koduri as its new head of graphics, as part of its effort to improve its high-end discrete graphics processing units (GPUs).

The world’s largest producer of processors stated that Koduri will be taking the position of senior vice president and chief architect to its newly formed Core and Visual Computing group, the business unit responsible for Chipzilla’s new graphics card line.

Koduri was also AMD’s senior vp and chief architect of Radeon Technologies Group before he decided to exit the semiconductor company this week, after a short leave of absence.

Koduri said that he is excited to have the opportunity of driving a unified architecture vision across Intel’s world-leading IP portfolio that helps speed up the data revolution.

His words could be suggesting that he will help the chipmaker boost its efforts to compete with rivals, AMD and GPU developer Nvidia Corp., who are the two leaders in graphics technology. He is expected to start working for the company in early December.

Intel Ramps Up Efforts to Develop High-end Discrete GPUs


Through Koduri’s management, Intel intends to further develop its high-end discrete GPUs, which stands for high performing graphic cards that video gamers used, as well as for artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Still, it could take a long time for this kind of attempt to deliver results, seeing AMD’s new product, the Vega graphics processor which Koduri worked on, took a few years before it was launched.

Intel’s ability of tuning its graphics hardware is also one factor to consider. The graphics chip market, which is currently dominated by AMD and and Nvidia, has not really been one of its strong points, despite being the number one seller of CPU microprocessors.

For this reason, one of Koduri’s major tasks will be to get the company’s software and drivers on the same level as its competitors.

Intel’s chief engineering officer Dr. Murthy Renduchintala stated that with Raja being in charge of their Core and Visual Computing group, they will be able to acquire unmatched potentials, improve their strategy to lead in computing and graphics, as well as become the driving force of the data revolution.

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