Intel Announces Core i9

Leanne Cray June 01, 2017
Intel Announces Core i9

Intel revealed in its Computex event in Taipei on Tuesday a new wave of Core X-series of processors which will mark as the company’s latest and high end desktop core processors which has been anticipated by fans since it was leaked earlier this month.

New i9 Family

Despite the less than expected reaction to the news, the company unveiled a new flagship model of the series which surprised Intel users-- the series’ newest Intel i9 with an 18-core and 36-thread unit.

The Intel i9-7980XE will be priced at a whooping $1,999 and will be Intel’s answer to AMD’s Ryden Threadripper which was unveiled earlier this month and was supposed to contest the world’s top consumer CPU prior to Intel’s announcement.

Despite the sky high price of the i9 flagship, other members of the core i9 family has been announced to be more reasonably priced at around $999 to $1,699 for the 16 cores or 12 cores. Every single unit under the i9 series will also be having a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz and 4.3 GHz for those with dual-core frequency and Turbo Boost 2.0 and 4.5 GHZ with Turbo Boost Max.

The release of the Core i9 will be released by June this year although the individual release dates of the new processors has not been given an exact sale date. According to Intel, the processors would be released in the following weeks while the i9-7920X will be released for sale in August.

The processors would be requiring a motherboard with the LGA 20166 Socket along with a Basin Falls platform X299 chipset.

Intel’s Portable Compute Card

At the same Computex event, Intel also unveiled its Compute card which is basically a credit-card sized unit that has the whole capability of a personal computer. Intel has also announced the product’s first partners which includes Foxconn, LG, and Sharp who are currently working on Compute Card compatible products and appliances.

Companies such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell were also announced as partners but has not made any announcements to whether what devices the latter would be incorporating with the Compute Cards.

The company officially launched the Compute card along with its list of partner shops at the event. The pocketable device will be made available by Intel in four variants: 7th Gen Intel Core i5, 7th Gen Intel Core i3, Pentium N4200 processor, and Celeron N3450 processor.

A design kit will be placed by the company later during the day or event as a reference for both Intel users and developers. More companies are expected to partner with the company in the incorporation and development of the Compute Card.

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