IBM Launches Watson Service

Claire Pitt April 26, 2017
IBM Launches Watson Service

IBM recently launched its Watson cognitive marketing service for marketers who wishes to venture in behavioral analytics and utilize it to increase targeted and personalized campaign success.

The news which was announced by the New York-based firm on Sunday hopes that the newly designed service will further assist and help marketers in understanding the behavior of their customers and how this will impact the success of a business.

IBM added that this would help marketers launch targeted campaigns designed to cultivate customer advocates and bring them closer at a long-term business success.

The company which has proven the Watson Marketing’s cognitive capabilities can help marketers get key predictors from customers through an examination or observation with their interactions with the company whether it's coming from a store, an email, or platforms either digital or social media.

The data which would be continuously updated will help the Watson Marketing Insights to reveal new audience profiles and customer segments with the relative importance of the behavior predictor changes.

While marketers can help predict their customer’s potential response to a new campaign based on their previous behavior through the Watson Marketing Insights, the program will also offer other features such as a visual dashboard where details on the context and reasoning behind the findings can be seen. These information will be used to leverage target campaigns designed specifically to engage the target with a much more personalized offer. Companies and individuals who wishes to use the program can be used in their disposal and to make their experience easy and satisfactory.

Marketing team are now offered easier access to data that guarantee customer oriented results. Watson Marketing Insights allows marketers to no longer rely on data scientist analyzations due to customer insights being presented automatically and updated instantly over time ensuring that they get the latest information needed for their businesses.

In other uses, IBM is now also working on putting its cognitive computing facilities to use against fighting eye diseases through deep learning and visual analytics.

IBM has also announced that a new artificial intelligence and cloud service would be powered by the Watson service to further help companies understand unstructured data and make more detailed decisions regarding their market and viewers.

The service that will support content enrichment is expected by the market to be made available later this year and will use Watson’s cognitive capabilities to help companies get a deeper understanding of meta data such as concepts, visual imagery, tone, keywords, and emotional context. It will also be using several APIs from the Watson service including personality insights, tone analyzer, natural language understanding, and visual recognition.

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