Google To Start Blocking Ads By 2018

Jane Pearson June 06, 2017
Google To Start Blocking Ads By 2018

In a most recent announcement, Google announced that it will now be working on a plan to protect the users of the market-leading Chrome website browser from intrusive and nosy advertisements.

This would make the overall web browsing experience easier and much more pleasant for over ten million Google Chrome users. The plan is set to be carried out next year. This was revealed by Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google Vice President of Ads and Commerce in a blog he posted about about the ad blocking feature the company plans to implement next year.

The ad blocker would not be blocking all kinds of ads but only those which will be reported by the users to be specifically intrusive and annoying. According to the company, they will be coming up with a set of specific guidelines that would overall improve and make the overall browsing experience pleasant for everyone without completely blocking all advertisements or pop-ups.

Google Chief Executive officer Larry Page have been actively speaking about this planned venture in the past years stating that the whole online industry must be able to improve its ad production which would not disrupt browsing experience but would also load faster.

The company, over the years, have repeatedly campaigned for higher web standards which led to production of quality content or advertisements. Google has since then started to downgrade weak content and ads in their Google search results and have penalized slow and lagging websites. Google also upgraded its advertising standards. Google has also joined Coalition for Better Ads which is an advertising group who contributed in the drafting of the ad quality standards Google is currently campaigning for.

Although this impressed primarily users, the announcement caught the attention of some investors as Google which is currently one of the biggest companies in the world drives majority of its revenue from its advertising department and would lead into questioning on how this might affect the company’s booming revenue.

According to other reports the feature will be turned on by default on both desktop and mobile applications as soon as it's rolled out next year. The filter is set to block around twelve advertising formats which will be labelled as disruptive to a user’s overall browsing experience. This includes prestitial ads, autoplaying video ads, pop-ups, large banner ads among many others.

Shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet recently traded above $1,000 during late Monday trading after trading below the number for the past week which makes the stock the third one to hit $1,000 on the S&P500.

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