Google To Reveal IOS Assistant

Maureen Uy May 17, 2017
Google To Reveal IOS Assistant

In line with the upcoming Google I/O conference held annually, tech industry movers and analysts have now speculated and revealed potential announcements, product launches, and application updates prior to the event. Some of the reports included the possible launch of the Google Assistant for iOS.

The yearly Google I/O conference which will happen starting Wednesday until Friday will be held close to Google’s global headquarters at Mountain View, California which is set to be watched closely by hundreds of potential and current investors.

While the Google Assistant is currently available in only Android phones and Apple is known for their Siri and Microsoft for their Cortana, Google launching an iOS supported Assistant will expand their reach into Apple’s global user following that will give them a glimpse into Google’s overall system and would give them a chance to front Apple’s Siri in its own platform.

The Assistant is also expected to bring more developers into the application’s use and would encourage them to use and integrate the functions of the app.

Although a lot of details remains unclear, the Google Assistant application that can be downloaded by iOS users is expected to be available only in the US after the launch.

Reliable sources, otherwise, reveal that the standalone iOS application would feature a chat-like functionality similar to the company’s own Allo application assistant.

Aside from the launch of the application itself, the company is also expected to reveal a new set of features from the Google Assistant based on the devices that will be running the application.

The Google assistant application has been long speculated by both users and fans for the past year but was not expected to be launched in the iOS platform. The reports also came as a surprise to the markets as is it still undergoing a number of developments and improvements. The application is also being currently modified for other Google devices such as the Home speaker.

Overall, Google enthusiasts and investors are expecting new set of features, devices that will support the application and developer tools update.

In terms of the Google I/O this year, the company is set to reveal the newest Android O which will be the highlight of the event. A developer preview is expected to be presented and be made available to the Nexus and Pixel devices while a public beta launch date is set to be announced at the event.

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