Google To Expand Efforts In Ending Online Terrorism

Ryan Thompson June 19, 2017
Google To Expand Efforts In Ending Online Terrorism

Following Google’s announcement to start banning annoying ads starting next year, the tech giant has now also announced that it would also start banning extremely offensive videos on YouTube from getting advertisements.

Two weeks ago, the company announced that it has started working on a plan that would protect Google Chrome users from intrusive and annoying advertisements making the use of the popular web browser much more pleasant for the public. The ad blocker which would be rolled out by next year would be block advertisements found by users to be intrusive specifically.

Google Vice President of Ads Sridhar Ramaswamy announced this through a blog post and added that the company is going to create a series of guidelines that would improve overall browsing experience pleasant without having to get rid of all sorts of ads or pop-ups.

The public has been accusing the internet search engine company of allowing content and videos supporting online terrorism and extremism and profiting from them. Google has also received concerns and comments that it has allowed the rapid spread of these types of content. The company was also forced to publicly apologize following the scandal of extremist videos led to a scandal of a series of companies pulling their advertisements on YouTube. The company also was called by the Home Affairs Select Committee regarding the company’s responsibility on filtering out illegal content.

Despite this, the company has campaigned for better advertising and content production standards over the past years through the penalization of weak content and sites that take too long to load.

Due to these concerns, the company pledged on Sunday that it would now be taking necessary measures that would address the rising amount of online terrorism and extremist content through the help of more experts, tougher standard conditions, and expansion of counter radicalisation work that would allow them to detect the aforementioned type of content faster.

According to Google, it would be paying around fifty charities that would conduct a search and flag procedure of extremist content rather than using a program to detect such content. Google also stated that more extremism content will be taken down and will be prevented from being uploaded.

The company would also be expanding its technology to aid in identifying content or videos that are extremist or terrorist related. Google General Counsel Kent Walker stated in an editorial that the company will also be more aggressive in putting up warnings regarding content limits who will not directly fall under what the company deems as officially forbidden but still offensive. "We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints." added Walker.

Google also said that it would be working with other tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter in establishing an international forum that would help smaller companies develop terrorism-tracking technology online.

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