Google Launches New App for Android

Brian Hale November 30, 2017
Google Launches New App for Android

Alphabet Inc.'s Google introduced an app on Wednesday designed to help Android smartphone users stay under the limits of pricey mobile data packages in developing countries.

Google has a new Datally app which will help users manage one of the most important things in their smartphones: data usage. The tech giant has introduced an app designed to help smartphone users to stay under the limits of expensive mobile data packages.

Datally, the new service, lists data consumption by app and enables users to shut off data transmissions by apps of their choosing, Google group product manager Josh Woodward said. It also provides a directory of nearby Wi-Fi networks that includes user commentary on their quality.

Datally is being released as part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative, which is focused on making Google products more functional in countries that have limited mobile connections and where lower-end hardware remains widespread. That’s why the initiative is focusing on basic features like storage management as with its last standalone app, and data usage. It’s also why Datally takes up a tiny 6MB of space.

Some Datally functionality is available within the settings pages of Android smartphones, but Woodward said he expects the specialized app will make it easier to understand the options.

During testing of Datally, app developers inside and outside Google initially expressed concern about the effects of users limiting their services' data access, Woodward said.

But they warmed to the idea as they saw that users welcomed data consumption by "apps they really like," Woodward said. "The visibility gives users more confidence to use those apps."

Google has been testing Datally in the Philippines since this summer. The company says it’s already hit over 500,000 users and that it’s been able to save people, on average, 30 percent of their data. As of today, the app is being released to the rest of the world and is available to any phone running Android 5.0 or higher.

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