Google Announces More Android O Details

Joseph Pearson May 22, 2017
Google Announces More Android O Details

In Google’s opening keynote at the recent Google I/O event, more details about the upcoming Android release was given which includes a series of user-facing features most Android enthusiasts have waited for in the past couple of years.

One of these updates and changes that is set to make Android experience even better in the coming years was called Project Treble. Although so little details was said about it in the developer event, it is expected to address and fix a series of common Android problems that users has been bothered with in the past couple of Android updates and might still improve Google’s Pixel already superb performance.

Google has been reportedly working on Project Treble for the past years in their efforts to fix the fragmentation of the Android system. Google has announced in recent events that it wants to get Android moving forward with a different underlying Android operating system. The code of the new system is also expected to not just improve Google’s Pixel lines but also allow Google to fix and give Android updates to all devices although the Project Treble will not be instantly available instantly to all devices. Upon Android O’s release, only the Pixel devices will be able to instantly access the latest operating system’s Project Treble advantage.

This means that other latest and most advanced Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be able to get the Project Treble but is set to be updated over time as Google continues to fix fragmentation issues although the fix is only set to be available on most recently released devices other than the pixel.

Other updates regarding the Android O which was discussed at the Google I/O event was the system’s ability to update their graphic drivers through the Play Store which is currently one of the most awaited features of the upcoming Android update.

The update for the graphics drivers, however, will also be made available to new devices already running Android O straight from the box as older devices or phone versions would not be carrying the needed hardware or software that will be able to handle the graphics updates and operating system updates.

While Google will not be making Android O available to current high-end and full spes devices, it is expecting to see an increase in the market of both high and low end phones that can be installed with the update.

Android Go was also announced during the event which will be the internal name the company will be calling a series of new devices that will run all Android applications, operating systems, and updates.

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