Facebook To Rollout Anti Photo Theft Feature

Leanne Cray June 27, 2017
Facebook To Rollout Anti Photo Theft Feature

After reports from safety organizations from all over the world regarding the rising amount of identity theft cases, Facebook has now began to test out new tools in India that will prevent people from getting someone’s profile picture for whatever purpose it may serve.

According to research, gender-based violence and sexual harassment remains to be one of the top problems in India which can be seen most of the time through social media sites. This sort of violence usually comes through online messages and comments most women in India receive.

Facebook with over two billion users has currently been concerned with the rampant unauthorized use of Facebook photos in dating sites and applications. Other reports also showed that people collect female photos from social media sites only to be featured in suspicious or disreputable sites. People have also used illegally taken social media photos to scam or con people.

An option to turn on a “profile picture guard” has been rolled out for citizens in India which will protect the user’s profile image from being saved or screenshot with an Android device. Friends will not also be able to tag anyone or themselves in a user’s profile picture regardless of their current tag and privacy settings.

A blue border and shield display will be shown in the user's profile picture as an indication of the protection being turned on. Facebook has also teamed up with designers or illustrators that would create Indian textile designs that can be layered over user profile photos. This will then make people less likely to commit identity or image theft. People who suspect of a potential misuse of a photo layered with the said design might send Facebook a report. Facebook then would use the design to determine whether

The social media giant stated that it first rolled out the feature in India due to a number of comments from Indian social and safety organizations that a percentage of women in the country did not feel confident and safe about posting photos of their pictures on the internet in fear of getting the photos being misused online.

The country is currently one of the country’s with the highest growing number of users despite the country being known for having weak internet speed.

The tools which has been rolled out by Facebook in India has been made available in around 30 local Indian languages and has been rolled out since Wednesday. The whole country will be able to access the feature by June 27.

Facebook is currently considering making the feature available worldwide. The social media network announced in a statement that it hopes to expand the feature to other countries soon based on the initial launch in India.

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