Cisco To Acquire Observable Networks

Kean Wallace July 17, 2017
Cisco To Acquire Observable Networks

After acquiring companies such as OpenDNS, Lancope, and Cloudlock, Networking system company Cisco has recently announced that it has also acquired Observable Networks as a part of their efforts in transitioning into more software-based solutions that is proving to be more profitable compared to the company’s more traditional services.

Observable Networks which happens to be a network security startup based in the United States started back in 2011 and is known for their services involving information technology teams working on cloud-based security programs that help look for security breaches in networks.

Observable Networks is known for their endpoint modeling technique that helps them track down the activity of smartphones connected to corporate networks.

The startup's cloud-native machine learning techniques will help identify both external and internal threats at a much more faster and accurate way. Cisco will be also be incorporating Observable technology into theirs with highly scalable behavior analytics and comprehensive visibility.

According to Cisco, Observable forensics applications will be incorporated in its Stealthwatch solution along with the company’s highly-scalable behavior analytics and comprehensive visibility.. The company also plans to incorporate this into cloud-based solutions. However, Cisco expects the deal or the acquisition to be completed during the first quarter of 2018.

“On the heels of the unveiling of our new intent-based network, this acquisition reaffirms Cisco’s commitment to providing unparalleled security solutions for our customers and partners,” the Cisco announced in a statement

While numbers has not been disclosed during the announcement, Observable is known it's estimated value to be at around $16 million. It has also been able to raise around millions from its investors. Cisco’s OpenDNS, Lancope, and Cloudlock acquisitions are known for having been offered $635 million, $453 million, and $293 million respectively.

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