China Shuts Down WhatsApp Messages

Margaret Brown July 19, 2017
China Shuts Down WhatsApp Messages

Recent reports have shown that WhatsApp messages are being blocked in China raising concerns to whether Chinese authorities have begun to block the functions of the messaging application.

At the beginning of the week, users have raised their concerns on Twitter stating that those who have tried to access the application faced a number of issues including being unable to receive or send voice messages and photos.

Others have also mentioned that breaking through China’s tight internet blocks commonly called as the Great Firewall was the only way they were able to completely access the application.

This has led to speculation that the government of China may have blocked a number of the application’s features. The application is primarily used by citizens to prevent spying authorities from getting an access to their conversations due to the application’s end to end encryption.

Last week, Chinese authorities have reportedly began deleting WeChat messages and intercepting conversations commemorating the death of Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo who died inside prison in the country.

The authorities in the country are known to have been able to circumvent the encryption of applications such as WeChat and Kobeissi. While the government might have a harder time trying to break through WhatsApp’s encryption completely in a matter of time. China is reportedly expanding its operations in breaking down VPN services due to WhatsApp increasing popularity.

Applications and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been blocked by the country for being accessed by its citizens inside China due to the said threat of social media to their national security.

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