AT&T To Offer New Business Services

Joseph Pearson May 23, 2017
AT&T To Offer New Business Services

American telecommunications giant AT&T announced on Monday that they have expanded its network connectivity options along with a set of new security applications to its AT&T FlexWare. This includes applications such as firewalls that keep hackers out and prevent people from phishing emails from employee company emails.

AT&T FlexWare which is known as a platform that makes deployment and delivery of software-based network functions easier and simpler. The platform allows businesses to reduce overall ownership costs, easily and flexibly manage networks, and avoid being locked into proprietary hardware-based solutions.

Businesses have spent billions every year on networking and security hardware in the past and have transitioned very recently to more software-based solutions and services.

The new lineup and updates offer a series of security features, which from now on, users would not need to purchase anymore from other networking and communications software companies. This would allow the customers and their businesses to cut costs and save both time and money.

AT&T representative Thaddeus Arroyo assured this and stated that the services and features would be easily downloaded by the users once the basic service was installed.

The company which has been trying to prevent customers from turning into other providers or companies for more affordable hardware upgradeable through software downloads is now offering the updates and newly released services to over 2000 users who have previously purchased the FlexWare unit which was bought directly from the network’s direct and authorized sellers. The product is also available in at least 200 countries which have risen from 150 last 2016.

The new line would be running on Juniper network routing software, Cisco security features provided by Fortinet and other programs from top performing and well-known network hardware manufacturers.

While this will cut a company’s operating expenses and costs which will lead to less reliance on corporate data centers and cloud computing services, the market and service particularly is expected to rise at a yearly rate of 53% in the next couple of years which would result into more than $12 billion in sales.

According to AT&T, more and more of its customers continue to shift to software with 34% of its network switching to new networking solutions by the end of 2016. Around 55% is expected to shift by the end of the year and 75% in the next three years.

The business’s revenue growth is expected to keep getting more customers and more sales as more people shift to more software-based solutions or cloud computing services.

Companies such as Ericsson and Cisco have experienced revenue decline in the past quarters and have taken steps into transitioning and shifting to the current customer demand.

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