Apple Expands In Asia Further With Taiwan Store

Celine Murphy July 03, 2017
Apple Expands In Asia Further With Taiwan Store

Most Apple customers from Asia have relied on Apple’s official website or third-party retailers to get original Apple devices and to access warranty repair options. Now, Apple products can now be bought officially from the Apple Store located in Taipei 101. Apple confirmed its plans to open a store in Taiwan last July after reports showed that the company will open a 14,300 square feet floor space for its operations including a forum, genius bar, sales, and accesories avenue along with in-store workshops.

Apple first opened its first Apple store this weekend in Taiwan at the Taipei 101 which happens to be a landmark skyscraper in Taipei and currently houses more than a hundred employees as a part of its initial workforce. Reports revealed that fans and buyers have lined up by as long as sixty-eight hours.

Aside from selling official Apple products and handling repairs, the store also offers visitors an access to its Today at Apple programs which will cover wide range of topics such as photography, video, art, design, music, and even coding.

Despite only opening its first official store earlier this weekend, the company remains to be one of the top five smartphone sellers in the country and holds around 15% of the market share.

The company previously opened its first flagship store in Singapore earlier last month along Orchard Road. Apple also announced its plans to open a flagship store in South Korea which happens to be a country with one of the lowest iPhone users due to the country’s loyalty to Samsung and other Asian brands. Apple currently has official stores in China, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Apple has also been making efforts to expand in India lately one of which are ongoing plans to open an iPhone plant in the country to reduce the costs placed on top of iPhones being sold in the country currently.

In other news, Apple is reportedly under negotiation with LG to exclusively be the iPhone maker’s official OLED screen supplier. Last April, reports showed that Apple has placed orders for Samsung’s OLED panels to be used in more than 70 million handsets. Sources familiar with the matter stated that the order is part of Apple’s preparation for a huge demand in their next iPhone to be released this September. Apple is reportedly in talks with LG Display in investing around $1.75 billion to $2.62 billion in the Korean display makers new OLED production.

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