Apple And Amazon To reveal Amazon Video For Apple TV

Kevin Gwon May 15, 2017
Apple And Amazon To reveal Amazon Video For Apple TV

Despite the high level of rivalry between the two major U.S. companies, Apple and Amazon have recently announced that they have struck a deal that will address their video rivalry schemes in the past.

Last 2015, Amazon cancelled its sale of Apple TV and Google Chromecast boxes after learning that more and more customers returned the aforementioned products when the Prime Video application could not be installed in the products because of the lack of software support.

Reports showed recently that Amazon Prime’s video application which has been notably absent from Apple TV will now be made available in Apple’s tiny television box.

Last year Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talked about getting acceptable business terms in response to questions regarding the lack of Amazon Prime’s presence in Apple TV and why the Apple TV is not made available in the website.

Bezos added that should the device be sold in their website, the company would demand their Prime Video application to be available on the device along with acceptable business terms.

Meanwhile, other reports showed that an agreement between the two large companies would result in a high level of agreement most probably between the two chief executive giants.

Apple fans and investors have commended the news stating that should the deal be true, the company would mostly benefit from the agreement and would cut at around 30% of Amazon Prime’s total members or downloaders from the Apple App Store. Although this may be posed as a problem with Amazon, this would open Amazon’s original content to Apple’s large following which mostly opts for Netflix or HBO subscribers and would drive more views and attention to their original content which has lagged in the past couple of months due to the rising popularity of Netflix and HBO Go among others.

Apple is set to reveal the application’s upcoming launch in their Apple TV App Store at the upcoming annual Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) this June 5 in San Francisco at the company’s keynote presentation.

Sources revealed that the Amazon Prime application is expected to be launched in the app store this summer although the date is still set to be changed.

Now the recent announcement has made the markets speculate to whether what the agreement between the two companies has been and if their recent hiring of former Amazon Fire TV general manager had something to do with the possible merger between the two companies.

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