Amazon Offers In-Home Delivery Service with Amazon Key

Ellie Kennedy October 25, 2017
Amazon Offers In-Home Delivery Service with Amazon Key

E-commerce giant Inc. just came up with another way to make its services more convenient for its customers as it introduced on Wednesday the Amazon Key.

Amazon has taken another step on improving its shipping services by presenting Amazon Key, a service exclusively for Prime members which eliminates the need for its buyers to even be at home to receive their packages since couriers can just safely put the goods inside the customer’s place.

It can also secure temporary home access for guests and service appointments.

Amazon delivery technology vice president Peter Larsen said that the Amazon Key will provide its customers a peace of mind, knowing that their orders have arrived to their homes safe and sound.

Using the company’s latest innovation, Prime members can now select in-home delivery and simply watch their packages being dropped off right from their mobile devices.

In terms of safety, Larsen stated that theft was not something that happens in practice, based on their earlier tests of the program. Buyers can also contact customer service and file their concern if a problem occurs.

How Amazon Key Works


For Amazon Key to properly work, it has to rely on the online retail group’s new Cloud Cam, the compatible smart lock, as well as the new Key app.

The app allows buyers to be in control and monitor their delivery, let them watch it happening live or review the video after the drop-off is done.

Every time the courier request for access to a customer’s home, Amazon will have to confirm that the right courier is at the correct address, at the given time using an encrypted authentication process.

Once this process is successfully completed, Cloud Cam will start recording and the door will be then unlocked. Couriers can then set the package inside the customer’s home, relock the door afterwards, and proceed with their next trips.

The buyer will receive a notification that their item has arrived, along with the video showing that the drop-off was done properly.

Amazon Key will be available on November 8 in 37 US metropolitan areas. Prime members who would like to have the In-Home Kit will have to pay $249.99 and up for the Cloud Cam and lock that the company offers to install.

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