Amazon Australia Starts Off Soft-Launch after Months of Hype

Emma Holloway November 23, 2017
Amazon Australia Starts Off Soft-Launch after Months of Hype

Leading e-commerce group Inc. has started its order-taking trial in Australia on Thursday, triggering several months of hype in the country ahead of the Black Friday sale.

The Seattle-based online retailer’s soft-launch begun at 3pm, with its Australian arm website’s search box putting in product labels automatically.

However, Amazon Australia’s internal testing phase was only available to a small number of selected customers, with about 500 retailers expected to participate. Its full public launch is due sometime on Friday.

Amazon has long had registered sellers in the country, but they were only limited to delivering goods offshore since the retail giant had no warehouse in Australia. Until now, Australians have had to wait for a long time and pay large amount of shipping fees for transports.

Amazon has established its new headquarters in Australia’s second-biggest city of Melbourne.

Tim MacKinnon, e-commerce giant eBay’s managing director in Australia and New Zealand said that there has been a lot of hype on Amazon in Australia and that it will be interesting to see what they launch with, to see if they live up to the hype.

Amazon Expected to Offer 30 Percent Off on Items


Australian customers of the company already have access with its online bookstore for several years now and with the onset of an entirely new service in the country, Amazon is expected to do it cheaper, faster and with more diversity than others.

Analysts have estimated that the cloud-computing business will be discounting items by 30 percent early on to establish its market presence.

Analyst Kim Do said that Amazon is aiming to challenge domestic retail prices by offering products for 30 percent less than domestic retailers, so as to attract price-conscious Australian consumers.

Kim added that the arrival of Amazon’s new service may affect local sellers who have found it difficult to adapt to a change in consumer spending behavior over the past five years.

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