Apple To Release New iPhone In 2018

Dianne Cowell July 06, 2017
Apple To Release New iPhone In 2018

Apple has been known to have released their iPhone flagships every two years since its launch almost ten years ago with the exception of the iPhone Special Edition released last year and the tenth anniversary iPhone to be released this coming September. However, recent reports showed that the company will be using its massive OLED display orders for another release of new iPhones next year.

Last April, the company has reportedly ordered OLED panels to be used in more than 70 million panels from Samsung Electronics. Further speculation concluded that the OLED panels will be used in anticipation of a high demand for the tenth anniversary iPhones as the company faced a production issue following the release of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Just recently, the company was said to be in a negotiation with LG to be the company’s official OLED supplier in a deal that could reach $2.62 billion.

While the massive OLED screens were expected to be used in the production of the tenth anniversary iPhone, various sources have announced most recently that Apple will be using the displays in iPhone models to be released during the second half of the year 2018. Other sources revealed that the company might release as much as three new iPhone models. Apple has not responded nor confirmed the said reports.

According to these sources, the company has begun its early stages of designing the new iPhones to be released next year although they are still set to be changed and tweaked as the company is known to have made big changes and alterations to its product specs along the production depending on their sources and capabilities.

Others have stated that Apple has begun acquiring deals for OLED displays as early as now due to its anticipation for a demand which the OLED making industry will not be able to handle next year.

Apple will be releasing three new handsets this September with one being fitted with an OLED display. Details which have been leaked by various sources showed that the premium handset will be without the usual home button and will be featuring a full OLED display while the other two will be having the usual liquid crystal displays.

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