Service Providers Assure Customers Browsing Data Privacy Internet

Service Providers Assure Customers Browsing Data Privacy

George Payne April 17, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill that grants internet service providers to sell their customer’s browsing history data. The new law scraps the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule that allows customers control the information on the...

Amazon To Hit $1100 Business

Amazon To Hit $1100

Ryan Thompson April 17, 2017

Amazon has recently been given a target share price of $1100 after it surpassed the $900 price level for the first time last week on a seven-day high.

The growing company and stock received an upgrade on Monday from Kerry Rice an analyst from...

Samsung To Delay Bixby Launch Software

Samsung To Delay Bixby Launch

Ann Chen April 13, 2017

Samsung which unveiled their upcoming flagship phone Samsung Galaxy 8 last week has recently announced their own version of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri which the company called Bixby.

The voice-controlled virtual assistant Bixby which...

Apple Upgrades Graphics Department Business

Apple Upgrades Graphics Department

Ryan Thompson April 11, 2017

Following Apple’s move to end its contract with major graphics supplier Imagination Technologies, the company recently embarked on a hiring spree in London on the company’s venture to take control of its product’s parts production and future...



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